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Ryan Green & Adrienne Huckabone

founders of Happy Trash Can Curbside Composting

Ryan Green and Adrienne Huckabone are a husband and wife duo who founded and run Happy Trash Can Curbside Composting, a residential and commercial compost operation in Bozeman and surrounding areas.

After working in high density composting, the arts and agriculture, Ryan and Adrienne decided to bring their skills back home to give this little business idea a go!

Adrienne is a Bozeman girl through and through. After growing up in the valley, she moved away and brought us back.

She’s the creative direction, operations manager and everything in between. You may see her at the farmers markets, driving the routes, and washing buckets big and small.

Ryan is the Lead Composter for good reason! He has worked in sustainable agriculture & compost in rural Maine, high density compost in NYC, and now here in Bozeman!

He has worked in all levels of the food waste cycle, from kitchens, to farming, to composting.

You can find Ryan running the show day & night. Whether he’s hauling our commercial buckets, turning piles in our compost yard, or managing the next move, Ryan is hard at work for healthy soil.


Happy Trash Can Compost

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Ryan and Adrienne’s book recommendations:

The Composting Handbook (Rynk, Black, et al)
On Farm Composting Handbook (Rynk)
Kiss the Ground (Tickell)
The Year of the Flood (Atwood)
Gold Fame Citrus (Watkins)

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